4 African Attire for Men Style secrets that drive women crazy on first
4 African Attire for Men Style secrets that drive women crazy on first date

4 African Attire for Men Style secrets that drive women crazy on first date

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Its all about dressing to impress in African Attire for Men!

African Attire for Men is the easiest to match premium men's clothing brand because our designs are targeted towards Millennials’ who form 90% of our global customers.

Millennials’ are not very fussy with their dress code but they always ensure there is harmony in the mix they select.

 Checkout these African Attire for Men panties dropping styling tips to consider on your next or first date!

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1. Check out the weather- this applies in your area, where you are meeting your date and where you are planning to go. Your primary African Attire for Men style for the day's decision is highly influenced by the weather conditions outside 


- Avoid big shirts and or loose pants on windy days

-  choose dark colours that do not show dirt quickly from dust 

- If Lil' Jon* is not leached properly then avoid tight pants.

african attire for men

2. If your selection of African Attire for Men is for the first date, then consider wearing  the best of your favourites and this has to be premium* high priced style and there are many options to choose from from Africans Attire Fashion Oasis. Just do not forget to sure you consult your mirror before rushing out. 

african attire for men


- Remember there is no woman who loves a broke dude out there.

- Set your eyes on those expensive styles of African Attire for men  and the secret is to mix and match, 

'I would call this process 'Dress to impress to catch the Bee**'s interest - Notorious BIG' 

3.Whether it’s your first or tenth date, always carry either an African Baseball jacketAfrican Trench coator African Suit blazer.african attire for men


- In case you or she messes up clothes whist eating or spoiled your shirt with her make-up

-  wherever you go keep in mind women love wearing their man's clothes, please don’t ask me why, but rather ask me how? Always make sure thy smell nice though.

Your mood and expectations- I always tell my son (28) now married that following style is great but it can sophisticate your expectations, the basics should not change. 

I am referring to a clean shave and haircut. If you wondering what this has to do with African Attire then check the tips below.


- Before I got married I used to love sporting beard and believe me, regardless of the current beard fashion, you better shave and look smooth for her to lean on you at that moment you both feel a bit jiggity**.

- Should you prefer to keep your beard then at least trim it but your African Attire for Men style's visibility is determmined by the look you carry.

'One lady I dated joked to me saying she thought I was biting a black mop*, she said it with a smile but I got the message , I hope you also get it- right! 

african attire for men

So do not bite that mop on your first date and always make sure the outerwear you carry will cover that patch of make-up spoil on your shirt.

"4 African Attire for Men style secrets that drive women crazy on first date"

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