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Industry Journal -African Clothing | African Men Attire - If you know what an Africa Clothing jacket is; then I am sure you know what a African print Blazer is. No matter the case, that will not stop me from giving a small introduction about the matter at hand.

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African Clothing - Blazers are a type of jacket that bear resemblance to African Clothing suit jackets. The main difference from a jacket is their casual cut. Blazers are mostly fitted with naval-style buttons which denotes their genesis as jackets that are often put on by members of boating clubs.

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Now that we have a clear idea about blazers, we will move on to what you are really here for- African print blazer. Blazers add to one’s personality and style; and African printed blazers are a total turn on.

African Clothing - African Men Attire featuring Afriican print designs are popular for a good reason. We have for you, a fine collection of African print blazers and jacket styles that you can choose from for your next big day. We have unique men styles st , I got you covered. African print blazer mens Blazers are made with durable cloth for we tend to wear blazers outdoors. As classy as they can help you look, their ruggedness is a sign of bold personality; perfect for men who want the top spot.


Check out few cool blazer designs you might want to try out. Source: Bellanaija This mix of yellow and scarlet gives this blazer a flaming look that can bring out your bold persona wherever you go. The patterns are unique and so is the style. If you are going to try it out, go for tight pants. See that model wearing a matching pant? You might want to try it out; it will compliment the blazer even better. Source: Aliexpress Are you unable to decide what to wear for the party this weekend? I think this mild-toned blazer for men can make you come out all colors blazing.


With a white base, the green and blue prints give this blazer a very natural look; especially because of the print patterns. If you look carefully, you can notice waves of water and green leaves. Since the blazer is a light-coloured one, you should try dark colored pants to blend the colors better. Party or festival, do not over-think and try this blazer on. Source: Pinterest This bad boy look is totally for you. That is, if you like to look hot and bash the entire town with this crimson printed blazer. Totally for that party you have been so eager to attend. Put on this African fabric blazer and win all the hearts there.

Since it is a shade of red, black pants and shiny edgy shoes will make the perfect outfit. Put on a white tight-fitted shirt along with a bow tie, and if it is during the day time, do not forget those aviators. What are you waiting for? Go get ‘em tiger! READ ALSO: Latest styles of dresses in Ghana 2018 Let us check a few African print blazers for ladies You have probably heard of “Why should men have all the fun?” Well, that is proven true with this fine collection of blazer for ladies. Every piece is a deserving spot holder in the wardrobe Source: Fashionte

African Men Attire - Industry Journal - African Clothing

This combination of colors and patterns gives this blazer a different finish. It is pretty casually styled, don’t you think? This is an ideal fit for girls with a bold and ruthless attitude. Not really among the choices for your office-wear though. Try it on any occasion or festival, or maybe even the pub as you go dancing with your girls.

You could match it up with shorts or a pretty skirt. Remember to keep it plain and simple unless you are going to pair it with a similar high-waist pant, a watch and some jewelry for your neck should be good. Source: Bumimmuesese The market always thrives to bring out the best possible products for their customers. That is why we have varieties of products all around us; for instance, this floral printed blazer. Although floral prints might sound like the easiest of styles, they have never ceased to exist. In fact, many people prefer to look pretty with such prints. That is exactly what this blazer does.

As casual as it is, you can put it on for your outdoor fun or even wear it to the office and amaze everyone. Grey is a fine color for a blazer and it is commended by the sweet big flowery prints. You can pair it up with a plain white top and dark colored jeans or cotton casual pants. Try red pump shoes or high heels to set the mood right. Source: Grassfields Is it not a rare design to impress the town with?


It is a Bobo blazer with African prints. The length is kept perfect for a tall figure and it can make you look really impressive. The geometric patterns give this blazer a slick look which is evened up by the merging of joyous colours. You can pair it up with different coloured pants or dresses. Try wearing colourful earrings if you are going with a frock or skirt. Alternatively, use large silver earrings with jeans. There is no need to worry about jewelry as it might make you look overdressed. READ ALSO: Latest fashion dresses in Ghana 2017-2018 African kitenge blazer The kitenge fabric of Africa is used in various ways. The traditional way of using wax printing skills has now changed to roller printing for large-scale commercial production. However, kitenge style is amazing and blazers made with kitenge fabric can make you look mesmerizing. Source: Africandresscode Ever came across a situation where you want to look and feel casual while giving out formal vibes with class? Well, that is the kind of situation which demands such a beautifully-styled kitenge blazer for men.

Of course that does not mean you cannot generally wear it. The red tone mixed with blue shuriken-styled prints starts small at the front and enlarges at the back side. The black collars and packet stripes give it an attractive look. You know red goes best with black, so there is no asking what you need to wear with this blazer.

A bow tie could be considered essential to bring up this blazer’s complete look. Go and surprise everyone in the occasion. Source: Pinterest Feeling classy? Attending a special event and you want to look like a pure African stud? This material will make sure of that. Although an entire suit, you can easily couple up the blazer with black formal pants and shoes. The leopard print is properly matched up with the damp violet colours. It looks fancier because of the alphabetic prints. You can avoid a bowtie if you are planning to leave the buttons be. The sleeves are a little shorter, enabling you the luxury of fashion accessories- a nice new chained watch on one and a simple bracelet on the other will do the trick. Go proud and rock the fans out there. Source: Pinterest A casual wear for the jolly mind and a fun party, this blazer holds on to its native African design and vibrant colours.

patterns give this blazer a stylish traditional touch while holding tight to a modern approach. Putting this cool thing on, is going to make you the star of the show, and you can expect a few pretty dance partners to groove with under the disco lights. Jazz up your style with a golden watch and a nice pair of loafers. This is such a cool piece of work. It can almost be related to some kind of superhero costume. The butter-scotch toned patterns make this maroon cloth stand out like clouds in the sky. Maroon is a bold and intense colour. Imagine the mood you are going to set with this blazer. It can almost reflect the admirer's likeness as you walk down the road wearing a dark pair of wayfarers and a golden watch. Try some fun and bold bracelets with it. Black shoes would be the charms you want to express. Go high; go confident.


Source: Pinterest Kitenge fabric was once mainly used to make clothes for women until it became a source for men’s apparel. So, there is no way I would just go on without bringing you a few African kitenge blazers for ladies. Look at this material; a blend of blue and black dotted patterns is adorned with orangish fabric prints in random spots. The random placement of the fabric is what makes it look cooler. The darkish blue and black dots portray a strong personality and you can try this blazer out with different pants and jeans. Do not necessarily leave your wrists and neck empty. Try out large earrings like the ones in the picture. Source: Africandresscode If you like pink roses and African print blazer for ladies is what you are looking for, this might just be what you need. The shade of pink is appropriate for that feminine approach. It will make you look great

. A little short on the lower side, this blazer is a pretty one which will go really well with black tank tops and jeans. Alternatively, blue and green will also do justice to its colour. I would suggest pump shoes and black/pink ear studs. You can wear it almost anywhere. Source: Pinterest This blazer with African print is undoubtedly going to make you the heart of the crowd. The patterns are magnificent and colourful and the blazer will help you look fashionable. Get modern with this Kitenge print and be sassy as people stare at you with admiration. See the model wearing the beaded necklace? That would be great with this blazer. You could try wearing bottoms of your own choice since it is a colourful piece. High heels and shiny bracelets can help flower up this lightweight blazer for you. This one is a mind blowing design for a man's blazer. You can almost feel the variations between the square and circular ornamentation of the blazer. It is a very classy clothe to wear; undoubtedly making you look like a rich and dignified personality.

The black velvet collar and the fantastic combo of the popular gold and black is definitely the best thing to make your time worthwhile. READ ALSO: Latest Wedding Gowns in Ghana 2017-2018 Cool African kente blazer styles Source: Ruvaafricwear When you are in the mood to look both classy and modern, you should try out this manly yet elegant blazer style. It will let you achieve that serious look that you need to impress those around you. The silvery-grey color is totally mature and it is highlighted with the kente patches covering the front shoulders and chest. You could easily pair it up with black or white casual pants, and a white tee shirt underneath. Leave the buttons be, and you are all set. Try shoes of your own choice. A silver or golden chain on the neck can be an addition to your already cool mens blazer. Source: Ruvaafricwear This slim fit Africa kente blazer can be a sight for many sore eyes. Its supreme blue tint is bold and your confidence will just be magnified when you put on this quality material. The kente styled collars add to the perfection of this blazer and you can double it up with white pants and fashionable vests. Because of the blazer’s classy look, you could try both chained and belt-fitted wrist watches. Silver bracelets can be a bonus and blue shoes could go well with such a getup. This blazer is meant for parties, office and occasions of all kind. Source: Ruvaafricwear

Get modern by putting on this sassy Kente collared blazer. Whether you are the boss or the hot assistant, the office is bound to notice who owns it all. The denim coloured cloth is great and it will be awesome if you put on denim jeans like the ones in the picture. A little ripped would be fun if we are talking about outdoor activities and not office work. Get a pair of fine sunglasses and remember to grab a pair of high heels from your wardrobe. Once done, you are ready to rock. African print jackets designs I guess we have had enough of African print blazer styles. It is time to finally go all out with some cool jackets which will totally blow the minds of the beholder. Look cool and funk up your surroundings with these colourful African printed jackets. Source: Aliexpress Check out this pretty jacket.

Fully printed with traditional design, this jacket will help you blend in any traditional occasion just fine. We need to sometimes break stereotypes and show our own skin. This jacket is tailored to fit well and make you feel cool while holding to the traditional roots of our country. Style yourself up with a pair of jeans and tank top or any other cloth of your choice.

It will go well with any type of outfit. African print ladies jackets are really amazing and this one is among those. Source: Pinterest This utility jacket can be your favourite choice for your next day out. Whether it is a cool date you are going to, or a nice planned trip with your girlfriends, this jacket is a babe. Be yourself with this cool African print jackets for ladies and even up the perfection with black skin-tight pants or leggings. Large silver rings are a go-go for your ears and high heels could be an added bonus to your awesome look. Source: Diyanu Men are not left behind in terms of style in Africa. Always at par with the power-ladies, bomber jackets are a complete fashion statement even for men who like to impress. The jacket in this picture is going to light up the night as you hit the streets with your guy-gang. This striking black-coloured stuff will take you places. The disc pattern on the front is meant for the coolest of impact on everyone’s minds. You could pair it up with white or any other coloured tee for that matter. It would be preferable to wear denim jeans to sparkle up the statement. Blue aviators during the day could multiply your charms. Source: Pinterest Love the one above but perhaps the colour is not the kind you are in the mood for? Why not try out this one? It is close to the one above in terms of the patterns but differs in placements and colour. A more rugged and wild look can be achieved with these red and yellow circle prints.

You could try any coloured tee and pants for the jacket are mainly black and suitable for colour variants. So, it is you who needs to choose the best one. Source: Etsy_resized You might have heard of blazer jacket. If jacket is something you want to wear but you are off to a more traditional approach; maybe because you are attending a formal occasion. Whatever the case may be, this one can be your saviour. Style up with this cool blazer jacket and stick to your native roots. If it is for a formal occasion, go for light coloured cotton formals to make a good tie between the top and bottom. Brown formal shoes should do well.

And oh! Remember to put on a fine wrist watch to complete the look. Blazer with dress We all know it well that blazers and jackets are a great match for jeans and funky pants. But we are not oblivious to all those beautiful ladies who finish their looks with blazers on top of dresses. So, we have a few such styles for you. Check them out below: Source: Ankarastyles The warm colour of this cloth is the first thing that will magnify your aura. Sometimes it needs more than just style, and colours can be great element to spice up your look. The blend of Maroon butterflies on the orange tone is a clever use of colours. If you watch carefully, you will see the lines forming a net design which enhances the look of this piece. The sleeves are not at full length and leaves room for jewelry and accessories on your wrists. You could try golden bracelets and wrist bands to compliment the looks on this thing.

Put on your favourite dress or frock and wear this on top and get all the men crazy. Source: Aliexpress This is one that comes with a hood to cover up yourself when you need or want to. Designed with traditional prints, this blazer dress is perfect to make you look hot and glamourous. Get a pair of nice leggings and a hand bag to compliment this cool outfit. Be unique; be you. Source: Cia_afrique Check this sort of boardroom African print long jackets in the mall. The flat tone of the blazer is what will grab everyone’s attention. Then there are those cool mixes of patterns that add to its beauty. This material can be a smooth choice for your next date. Impress him with this beautiful blazer dress and show him who rules his heart. I can suggest a simple and large necklace so that the neck does not stay empty. Spice up your style with high heels and wrist jewelry. Remember to grab a nice matching purse. Source: SHOW COMMENTS THINK IT IS IMPORTANT? SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS! SUBSCRIBE NOW TO GET NEWS EVERY DAY FROM YEN.COM.GH SUBSCRIBE TO WATCH NEW VIDEOS EVERYDAY Read more:



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