African Attire for Men | African Shirt - how to choose the best?

African Men Attire | Customer Contact Centre team receive enquiries regarding the type of African Men Attire Shirt Styles to buy.

African Men Attire CCC's other common question about African Shirts is around what YOU must consider when selecting an African Shirt that blends well and suitable for your next occasion. 


African Men Attire Gentlemen's Brand has been selling African Fashion and we specialise in the African Clothing Menswear niche.

The African Men Attire niche we focus on has its own challenges and benefits but eventually our team of African Clothing Fashion fundis always innovate and scout around for solutions and I mean real African Shirts solutions that we always use to  demystify the myth and stigma regarding the selection and choice of these exquisite  garments.

African suit on African print 2 pcs pants and blazer! African suit 2 pcs jacket and pant together is the trending men outfit popular at functions, parties or simply looking exotic in the office.. Dress like a VIP in this African suit on cool days in the office with less meetings because once you mingle too much accidents shall happen as most will stare at you. This jacket is rendered in a classic office wear style with breasted style.

There are 3 types of African Clothing shirts sold by African Men Attire Gentlemen's Brand and there are also various types of African print material that one can choose for an African shirt.

So depending on the opportunity cost at African Men Attire we always ensure that we provide variety as we are dressing every human race across the globe.

Types of African Shirts

1. The most popular African Men Attire is the legendary #MadibaStyle long sleeve shirts made from Dashiki African print fabric. These shirts stand out from the rest because the material they are made from is of premium quality. To complement the beauty of the fabric our designers do not limit the designs to the traditional African shirt pattern mostly from East and West Africa, we use the current streetstyle outwear designs as we have realised that African Men Attire is more adorable in these dynamic patterns. 

African shirt
African Attire for Men MAdiba 3D Shirt

2. The second African Men Attire shirt is made from cotton fabric and this type has a more rigid shape as compared to the Dashiki shirts. The African Men Attire - African print fabric we use does not encourage or rather does not come out nice in long sleeve style  however due to innovation fused by customer requests we instead design these shirt in short sleeve but use a polo shirt style.

These African Men Attire African shirts are popular as they look unique and do not have the common African shirts style. We use embroidery on these plain African Men Attire shirts to add in the African Clothing style flavour and they are really awesome and worth the price. See 2 images below.

African Attire for Men, nelson mandela with michael jackson

3. The 3rd and final type of African Shirt by Africans Men Attire is the cool tee shirt range. T-shirts a great garment as they are worn throughout the year. African Men Attire realised that a certain segment of our 3000+ active customers are more into the casual kind of style. We design African Men Attire tees that symbolise our beautiful continent using various prints and styles to bring life to the garment. Our teenage customers prefer these African Men Attire shirts more than any other shirt we have so that defines what type of shirt they are. See images below

shirts for african manChoosing the best African Shirt


So how does one chose an African Shirt?

This double side sword question is best answered by what type or rather where one needs to go to. Our designer mentioned that the African Men Attire shirts can be worn to any occasion but should one be heading to a public place like soccer stadium, club or bar, its best to get the African Men Attire t-shirt range as it will blend well with such environments. If you are heading to a wedding , funeral or semi-formal occasion then you can choose any of the other African Men Attire shirts either long or short sleeve depending on the weather. 

 Styling your African Men Attire does not need one to hire a fashion designer, you can simply check out how we match the product with a model or we suggest within the product description for your favourite African Men Attire shirt.

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