South African Clothes

South Africa has a diverse cultures populated within the 4 main Cities. Urbanisation heavily impacted by the decline in peasant farming, and the rush to get better lives is a picture of not only South Africa but the African continent together. 

These people even though they wear European suits and American casual clothing,  they all have one desire, they all have totems and tribes who are a true representation of who they are . We therefore introduce African Attire - Traditional South African Clothes for Men.  We have Xhosa, Sepedi and Venda shirts so, ravishing and definitely designed for either casual or African office wear.

Whilst we are busy putting together a South African Clothing selection we also have included South African African Attire dress for women featuring unique across tribe designs that we love and shall include the full range after our test market sessions. 

'I have lived in South Africa longer than any other country I have lived across the world and this brand rejuvenation to incorporate South African Attire is a strategic decision we have been silently testing across social media and am confident we shall reach our milestones' - Chris Ticha G  (Founding Founder) Follow our Blog and be the first to grab opportunities coming up for are move towards offering a Subscription Free YOUNG AFRICAN CLOTHING,  DESIGNERS EMPORIUM .

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