Who is Africans Attire Fashion Oasis? What do they do? Where are they based? Why should I buy from them? Do they deliver to my country?

Africans Attire is a modern African Fashion Menswear brand. Men clothing designs made for YOU are stellar featuring either images of anything you can find in Africa, embroidery or the fabric used for the garment is the legendary Dashiki.


Born in 2009 the team of 4 former University of Cape Town graduates found their common interests in Hip Hop & Dance-hall (Reggae) music and lifestyle. This passion fueled by entrepreneur spirit and risk taking gave birth to Don Syl Tic Von well known for its unique and trendy 3D Apparel designs.

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‘ It is after this soccer world cup that AfricanSAttire (formerly Don Syl Tic Von - 3D Apparel) expanded menswear introducing 3D printed T Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Vests, Pullovers, Headwear and Snapbacks.

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'We made more sales than what we anticipated

during  and after this world’


echoes the only existing co-founder of this University of Cape Town born and bred business idea.

Africans Attire founders couple

'We were all born listening to Ragga and now we all love Hip Hop. So why not fuse the two into something unique'


says Chris Tichah G Global President of the Africans Attire for Men which exports 90% of genuine menswear products to the USA, Scandinavian countries, Germany, Sweden & Russia.


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Africans Attire has since grown beyond being called a brand...Its your Life-Style.


So how we do it?

African Attire for Men designs all products at the Global Design centre based in Johannesburg South Africa.

We do not bulk produce Africans Attire however products you see on your favourite online store are either new or have been custom made before.


So what are you waiting for? Send your order to chris@AfricanSAttire.com

Balance with African Attire products

Most of Africans Attire customers are small businesses, start-ups, corporate and individual entrepreneurs. They buy African Attire products at wholesale price to expand their local business in their countries.

Send an email to chris@AfricansAttire.com to discuss wholesale pricing options or simply use our contact us button.


Your African Attire for Men collections includes :

  1. T-Shirts – either made in African Attire print material (Dashiki) or has image of African natural resources.
  2. Hoodies – using 3D technology your hoodies are either 3D printed or made from African print fabric.
  3. Snapback – 3D is the trend in in range and your favourite store produces all snapbacks across the world in 3D.


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It takes a team to bring you your best 

African print Office Attire:

Chris Tichar G

Global President / Co Founder

Was born in an African print suit. He is also our CIO, Strategist, Operator, Security Head, Cleaner, Care Taker. Makes the team thrive.

Juulz Chivasa G

Creative director / Co Founder 

Loves sweet wine and hates peanuts. Qualified designer and dress maker, designs all our outfits and she has magic hands on the machine.

Thandie Gombe

Accounting manager

The one who manages the purse strings here. She is the one standing and loves team work thats why she chose this picture.

 africans attire design team doing some cost management

Clint Tawanda Gombe

HR manager

The kindest and friendliest person you can imagine he sings for us and models in our outfits. He wants us to outsource his function as he is more of our Markerting Executive.

Given Chivasa

Operations Manager

Hardworking creative nerd, loves Wildlife and also models in our outfits. He is always looking at the Operations Strategy, he is our Webmaster, SEO, CIO, Connectivity and Social Media Fundi.



Our pet dog taking care of perimeter security between the main gate and the Design Office. He is our time keeper as he growls normally during or before lunch.

Have you ever had a suit that you felt so comfortable in and you would never want to get rid of? If yes, it might be just your luck but with us, you never have to worry where to find them again. Every single member of our team does their best to know what you are looking for.