Men's African clothing shirt

Men's African clothing shirt

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It pays in the end to buy the best in the beginning Men's African clothing shirt

Men's African clothing shirtMen's African clothing shirtMen's African clothing shirt

Keep your style always shining and polished by opting for this Men's African clothing shirt. Boasting a sleek fit with a crisp finish, this Kitenge Ghananian shirt is the neat finish your chinos need to uphold your debonair charm in and out of the office during the week. A tight fit to show off your  muscles adds the finishing touch, ensuring you look your best with or without that tie to round it out. 

Sizing Guide

Care and Maintenance: Dashiki Africa Shirt

Do not mix bright and dark colors when washing. Use cool iron but preferably a steam iron would be ideal. More details about garment care are found on the collar.

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Africans Attire Gentlemen’s Fashion Oasis consumes your shipping Cost in the price you pay for the clothing. Buy more, do not stress about shipping, just make sure you type in the correct address and we will drop your product in your hands.